Elcho Island Arts , Arnhem Land

The main town of Galinwin’ku is home to Elcho Island Arts, a small island in the Arafura Sea off the Arnhem Land north-east coast.

Work from Elcho comprises traditional materials and forms such as natural ochres and pandanus weaving, with the contemporary forms of printmaking, canvas painting and innovative use of these traditional forms to produce dynamic soft sculptures.

In 2010 Outstation was pleased to present Gadaman Yolgnu (Clever People) an exhibition showcasing these new fibre works. Alongside traditional dilly bags and stunning circular mats, were three dimensional works, an experimental form the artists had already seemingly mastered. Their expert technique delivered depictions of piggy piggy, puddy git, dugongs, rock cods, echidnas and octopus, with a quirkiness that is often the hallmark feature of Indigenous soft sculpture.

The National Gallery of Australia acquired key works from this exhibition.


Works from this art centre have featured in the following Outstation Exhibitions:

Available works

There are no available works from this art centre at the present time.

Featured Artworks


Judy Manany Gurruwiwi – ‘Piggy piggy’

 Artwork unavailable
Artwork detail

Margaret Rarru – ‘Dilly Bag’

Artwork detail

Judy Manany Gurruwiwi – ‘Puddy Git (Pussy Cat)’

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