Mangkaja Arts , The Kimberley

Located in the centre of Fitzroy Crossing, Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency grew out of projects run through the Karrayili Adult Education Centre, which provided space for the cultural exchange of stories through learning and bush trips.

Taking its name Mangkaja, meaning wet weather spinifex shelter, the current space has evolved to provide a studio working space and gallery.

Work from Mangkaja artists often exhibit a broad, loose description of country, yielding contemporary forms such as the linear work of Lisa Uhl and the bold pink and green palette of Dolly Snell.

Available works

The following works from this art centre are available in the Outstation Stockroom:

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Penny K-Lyons – ‘Nyijil Nyijil’

Artwork detail
Eva Nargoodah

Eva Nargoodah – ‘Seeds’

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Colin Wasi

Colin Wasi – ‘Riverside’

 Artwork unavailable
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