Current exhibitions

Steve Gough – A View from the Bush

Now showing until 10 Dec 2017

Quiet Reverie
FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS, STEVE GOUGH has been enchanting us with his ethereal Top End Lorrain inspired landscapes – the dry tropics filled with spiky plants, spindly overhanging […]

Upcoming and recent exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions

Outstation is proud to present the following program of upcoming exhibitions:

3 - 27 February 2018 Rising Stars 2018

Recent exhibitions

The following exhibitions were recently exhibited by Outstation:

29 September - 4 November 2017 NeighbourHOODS – Pennyrose Wiggins – solo exhibition

2 September - 26 August 2017 Tjala Arts 2017
in collaboration with Tjala Arts
5 - 20 August 2017 Black and White – Nawurapu and Djirrirra Wunungmurra
in collaboration with Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Art Centre
1 - 29 July 2017 Kuruyultu – Eunice Napanangka Jack solo exhibition

3 - 25 June 2017 ‘Ngayulu Mantangka Walkatjunanyi’ I am Drawing in the Sand
in collaboration with Tjungu Palya

Exhibitions archive

There are more exquisite works in Outstation's extensive exhibition archive:

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