28 November - 14 December 2013

Exhibition Overview

Ditch your fairy lights and light up this festive season with a light box from Warakurna Artists.

Continuing in the tradition of the 'History Painting' style, Warakurna artists have interpreted the theme of Christmas.  Nativity scenes, Warburton Mission Times and the festive season in the modern day Warakurna Community have been painted on to wooden light boxes. The artists have strategically drilled tiny holes through their works and a lighting system has been fitted in the back resulting in the stories being beautifully 'lit up.'  Having been painted on the front and sides, each of the ten light boxes has a unique sculptural quality.

Warakurna first exhibited light boxes at the annual Desert Mob exhibition in September this year where they proved to be very popular and were a standout of the exhibition.

Art Centres

This exhibition is brought to you by Outstation, in collaboration with the following art centres:

When and where

28 November - 14 December 2013

Outstation Gallery
8 Parap Place
Northern Territory


This Outstation exhibition is comprised of works from the following artists:

  • Dianne Ungukalpi Golding
  • Eunice Yunurupa Porter
  • Judith Chambers
  • Nora Holland
  • Polly Jackson

Exhibition artworks


Polly Jackson – ‘Mission Times Christmas Times’

Artwork detail

Nora Holland – ‘Christmas Father and all the kids’

Artwork detail

Judith Chambers – ‘Warburton Mission Christmas Party’

Artwork detail

Eunice Porter – ‘Bush Christmas’

Artwork detail

Eunice Porter – ‘Mary and Joseph’

Artwork detail

Dianne Golding – ‘Warakurna Community Christmas Party’

Artwork detail