13 - 31 March 2020

Exhibition Overview

We all work together in our art room. We look all the time to see what everyone is doing. It’s a small room so we can always see. And you know it’s how we always worked because we started together for our Town Camp. We don’t hide our ideas in the art room, it is a place for all of us to work and learn and be sharing. So, when Trudy gets an idea we then might think of ideas.  She made some wall hangings for this exhibition, Trudy said mwerre (good) so then we all wanted to make good work. She did new work, so we tried some soft sculptures that now are on the wall. We first did an exhibition at Outstation, the first time for all our exhibitions outside of Alice Springs. Matt gave us a go. He said we were doing something good; Matt said Mwerre! It gave us a good feeling, so we haven’t stopped since then. Sometimes our fingers get sore when we sew. Sometime people don’t look at our work when they think they have seen it before. But you know, we always are doing new things, our fingers never stop sewing. We share in the art room with each other for new ideas, but we like our old ideas too, that’s what got us started. We can mix it all together, just like we are mixed all together in the art room. Trudy said Mwerre and its true, its good. Thank you.


Art Centres

This exhibition is brought to you by Outstation, in collaboration with the following art centres:

Exhibition Catalogue

When and where

13 - 31 March 2020

Outstation Gallery
8 Parap Place
Northern Territory


This Outstation exhibition is comprised of works from the following artists:

  • Beth Ebatarinja
  • Checked Rooster
  • Dulcie Sharpe
  • Louise Robertson
  • Marlene Rubuntja
  • Patricia Nelson
  • Rhonda Sharpe
  • Rosabella Ryder
  • Sheree Inkamala
  • Trudy Inkamala

Exhibition artworks