19 June - 11 July 2021

Exhibition Overview

These works reflect on country, representing places, stories, living memory and the life giving forces of the environment and its inhabitants.

Environmental connections can be seen in the wind ripples made in the sand Wamikata Walka Tali (sand dune) by Lynette Lewis, to dust storms or the powerful water story Kapi Wankanya by Rachel Mipantji Lionel.

Geological type swathes of colour and line by Janice Stanley depict the Pantu (salt lake), a landmark in the sacred Anangu story Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters). Traversal of the Tjala Tjukurpa (honey ant) can be found in the paintings by Michelle Lewis and ceramics of Lynette Lewis. Anumara, both a caterpillar and place name Tjukurpa of its inhabitant, is reflected in the calming and harmonic pastel palette of Yurpiya Lionel.

Carlene Thompson reflects on her family’s country Kalaya Ngura near Kanypi in the Western APY Lands and the ancestral being kalaya (emu), who formed that part of the land.

Art Centres

This exhibition is brought to you by Outstation, in collaboration with the following art centres:

Exhibition Catalogue

When and where

19 June - 11 July 2021

Outstation Gallery
8 Parap Place
Northern Territory


This Outstation exhibition is comprised of works from the following artists:

  • Alison Lionel
  • Carlene Thompson
  • Janice Stanley
  • Langaliki Lewis
  • Lynette Lewis
  • Marissa Thompson Angapiya
  • Marissa Thompson Angapiya -
  • Michelle Lewis
  • Mukayi Baker
  • Rachel Mipantji Lionel
  • Yurpiya Lionel

Exhibition artworks