Tiwi Islands and the Top End

Encompassing the topmost area of the Northern Territory, art from the Top End shares some similarities with work from the desert regions, such as traditional techniques in weaving, but differences are also defined by their locale such as the Tiwi Islands.

Communities in the west such as the Daly River region, have shown contemporary innovation through their adaptability to different media. Regina Wilson of Durrmu Arts has achieved much recognition for her paintings depicting the style and stitches of her woven work.

The Tiwi Islands lie 100 km north of Darwin at the junction of the Arafura and Timor seas. The islands’ are marked by their history of isolation, as such the work is significantly different in subject and stylistic innovation to their mainland counterparts.

The diverse forms of woodcarving, printmaking and painting are all characterised by a geometric abstraction using natural ochres often finely linear in form and design.

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