Outstation Gallery – Aboriginal Art from Art Centres

Established in 2008, Outstation Gallery works directly with art centres in the presentation and promotion of Indigenous art from the Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land, the Western Desert, the Kimberley and Central and South Australia.

Supporting art from art centres, ensures that fair work practices are maintained. Through many years of direct experience with artists, their art centres and community engagement, we have been able to observe a high ethical standard in our business.

Our exhibition profile comprises a broad cross-section of work from both established and emerging artists.  The artworks range from traditional media such as ochres on bark paintings and hollow logs to contemporary visions in other media such as fibre art, photography, soft sculpture and acrylic paintings.

We encourage and support the promotion of emerging artists and hold an annual Rising Stars exhibition each February. Through our ongoing exhibition program, we hope to support enterprise development for individual artists to sustain an income from their artistic practice and to support art centres in the important role they serve within their communities.

In 2013 Outstation Gallery teamed with Paul Johnstone Gallery, to present the inaugural Salon des Refusés, exhibiting works not selected for the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Art Awards.

Non-indigenous art

Part of our annual exhibition calendar is also dedicated to exhibiting contemporary work from non-indigenous artists who currently reside in, or have a connection to the Darwin region. In recent years, we have shown work by Franck Gohier and Chayni Henry.  In 2014 we will be exhibiting the works of Tobias Richardson, Matt Mainsbridge and Pennyrose Wiggins.