Current exhibitions

Pantjutjara – Timo Hogan – in association with Spinifex Arts Project

Now showing until 29 Aug 2021
in collaboration with Spinifex Arts Project

Timo Hogan does not paint the picture. He paints the story. And the story is the big picture. He calmly applies the paint to Lake Baker with the quiet authority […]

Carbiene McDonald – solo exhibition – in association with Papunya Tjupi Arts

Now showing until 6 Aug 2021
in collaboration with Papunya Tjupi

Carbiene McDonald resides in Papunya, a four-hour drive to the North West of Alice Springs. In his paintings, he depicts four Dreaming stories (tjukurrpa) which he inherited from his father.

These tjukurrpa are associated with a […]

Upcoming and recent exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions

Outstation is proud to present the following program of upcoming exhibitions:

4 - 25 September 2021 Iwantja Women
Group show
2 - 23 October 2021 Eunice Napanangka Jack
solo exhibition

Recent exhibitions

The following exhibitions were recently exhibited by Outstation:

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