12 - 29 April 2014

Exhibition Overview

The story of missionaries in the remote Ngaanyatjarra lands is one of mutual respect and relative harmony. The mission being in the heart of the country, at Warburton, meant yarnangu (people) did not have to leave their homelands or abandon cultural obligations. At Warakurna, many artists including Eunice Porter, Judith Chambers, Nancy Jackson and Polly Jackson have childhood memories of the early mission days. The affection many yarnangu had towards the mission is reflected in their work. Tales of specific people and treasured memories indicate the important role many missionaries played in people’s lives.

Emilia Galatis (Manager, Warakurna Artists) with David Brooks (Anthropologist).

We have made available an extended version of this exhibition introduction which explains in more detail the history of when 'The Missionaries Came to Warburton'.


Art Centres

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When and where

12 - 29 April 2014

Outstation Gallery
8 Parap Place
Northern Territory


This Outstation exhibition is comprised of works from the following artists:

  • Anna Porter
  • Eunice Porter
  • Eunice Yunurupa Porter
  • Judith Chambers
  • Nancy Jackson
  • Nora Holland
  • Polly Jackson

Exhibition artworks

Mr Wade

Eunice Porter – ‘Mr Wade’

Artwork detail
Bush People Hiding

Eunice Porter – ‘Bush People Hiding’

 Artwork unavailable
Artwork detail
Tjitji in Toyota

Nora Holland – ‘Tjitji in Toyota’

Artwork detail
Warburton Mission School

Nancy Jackson – ‘Warburton Mission School’

Artwork detail
Riding Camels

Eunice Porter – ‘Riding Camels – Warbuton Mission Times’

Artwork detail
Mission Christmas

Judith Chambers – ‘Mission Christmas’

Artwork detail
Mission times at Tjitji

Anna Porter – ‘Mission Times Tjitji’

Artwork detail
Funeral at Warakurna Hall

Nora Holland – ‘Funeral at Warakurna Hall’

 $AUD1320 (on reserve)
Artwork detail

Nora Holland – ‘Warburton Mission Times’

Artwork detail
Minyma, Wati and Tjitji

Nora Holland – ‘Minyma, Wati and Tjitji’

Artwork detail

Nora Holland – ‘Family’

 $AUD950 (on reserve)
Artwork detail