1 - 29 April 2017

Exhibition Overview

LOCATED IN THE HONEY ANT HILLS of the Central Desert and north-west of Alice Springs, is  Papunya Tjupi Arts. Relatively new to the art centre movement, it was formed in 2007 to represent artists from this region, many of whom are descendents from the original Papunya artists of the 1970s. Making a mark in their own right, recent artists have forged their own styles as they reinterpret their land and stories.

SOME OF THE PAPUNYA TJUPI ARTISTS are renowned for the patterning in their work. Although the paintings by Candy Nelson Nakamarra usually have a firey glow from a red and orange underpainting, in this exhibition is a neutrally toned work in her trademark batik-style giving the painting a veil-like overlay and softness to the organic shapes she describes. Beyula Puntungka is also known for a very bold and graphic use of idiosyncratic marks; she has an elegant piece using black and grey over white adding dimension and space to her wok. Isobel Gorey has used a muted palette in Kapi Tjukurrpa - Wantupunyui, extensively patterned with clearly defined regions, sectioned like a cosmic map with a radial twist emanating from a central core.

THE APPEARANCE OF CONTOURING IS seen in the beautifully delineated work of Mary Roberts Nakamarra, as the shimmer of light moves inward and outward in a subtle variation of wavy lines, pulsing with life. In contrast to these boldly vigorous lines, there are the shifting shapes of finer sedimentary style work by Lily Kelly Napandardi, Watson Corby, Nellie Nangala and Narlie Nelson Nakamarra.

SANDY COLOURED HUES are chosen by Emily Andy Napaltjarri and Doris Bush for works that are denser yet the neutral tones are soft and light. Admidst the subtleties of light and shade, shimmer and movement, is the fanciful line of Tilau Nangala. Limiting her use of colour with black and white her works are bright and bold, her quirky line is made of subtle changes of graduating colour, weaving and interspersing shapes, snaking around the edges, Tilau's work is undeniably light and fresh bringing a joyful rhythm to her work.

Art Centres

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Exhibition Catalogue

When and where

1 - 29 April 2017

Outstation Gallery
8 Parap Place
Northern Territory


This Outstation exhibition is comprised of works from the following artists:

  • Beyula Puntungka Napanangka
  • Candy Nelson Nakamarra
  • Charlotte Phillipus Napurrula
  • Doris Bush Nungarrayi
  • Emily Andy Napaltjarri
  • Isobel Gorey Nambajimba
  • Isobel Major Nampitjinpa
  • Lilly Kelly Napangardi
  • Mary Roberts Nakamarra
  • Maureen Poulson
  • Maureen Poulson Napangardi
  • Mona Nangala
  • Narlie Nelson Nakamarra
  • Nellie Nangala
  • Tilau Nangala
  • Watson Corby

Exhibition artworks