6 - 23 February 2016

Exhibition Overview

New Directions

Making art is an evolving process, subtle changes may go unnoticed, however new directions shows how an artist evolves, thinks about and experiments with their work. Rising Stars is our annual exhibition of emerging artists, showcasing their development as they create new work each year.
Mimili artist Robert Fielding known for his meticulous linear dot landscapes, has adapted his technique to overpaint in gold on photographs of car wrecks found on the roadside between Mimili and Indulkana. An interesting and stunning use of his skills and talent, Robert won the NATSIAA Works on Paper and Desart Photography Prize last year.

The naive satirical humour of Kaylene Whiskey was much appreciated at last year's Salon des Refuses; we are pleased to show more of her comic work with fellow Iwantja artist Jimmy Pompey who also paints in a naive narrative style.
Tjala artists Mick Wikilyiri and Yaritji Young are both working in a new direction; in a departure from her usual bright palette and covered canvas Yaritji retains a white background, transparent wash and line composition.

Marina Brown comes from a lineage of strong artists; she paints daily alongside mother Betty Pumani and aunty Ngupulya Pumani. Recently inspired by the watermelon and mango ice blocks sold at the community store she has incorporated these summery hues into her new palette, bringing a luscious tonal range.

Josina Pumani has been adapting her painting skills with photo editing techniques to create mulit-layered works reflecting her strong connection and relationship between family and country. In 2015 she won the Don Dunstan 'Our Mob' Emerging Artist prize.

We are delighted to include ceramics for the first time, from Andy Tjutjuna and Graham Kulyuru at Ernbella Arts. Also new to the show are barks and works on paper from Injalak artists Ezariah Kelly and Joe Guymala.

Following on from the success of our Papunya Tjupi show last year its great to be able to include Candy Nelson Nakamarra and Charlotte Phillipus Napurrula in Rising Stars this year.

Art Centres

This exhibition is brought to you by Outstation, in collaboration with the following art centres:

When and where

6 - 23 February 2016

Outstation Gallery
8 Parap Place
Northern Territory


This Outstation exhibition is comprised of works from the following artists:

  • Andy Tjutjuna
  • Candy Nelson Nakamarra
  • Charlotte Phillipus Napurrula
  • Ezariah Kelly
  • Graham Kulyuru
  • Jimmy Pompey
  • Joe Guymala
  • Josina Nyarpingku Pumani
  • Kaylene Whiskey
  • Lois Pennington
  • Marina Warari Brown
  • Mick Wikilyiri
  • Mona Mitakiki Shepherd
  • Robert Fielding
  • Tim Hogan
  • Tjutjuna Andy
  • Yaritji Young

Exhibition artworks


Robert Fielding – ‘Graveyards in Between (4)’

Artwork detail

Robert Fielding – ‘Graveyards in Between (3)’

Artwork detail

Robert Fielding – ‘Graveyards in Between (1)’

Artwork detail

Robert Fielding – ‘Graveyards in Between (2)’

Artwork detail

Joe Guymala – ‘Kurdukadji (Emu)’

 Artwork unavailable
Artwork detail

Joe Guymala – ‘Kurdukadji (Emu)’

 Artwork unavailable
Artwork detail