Contemporary Art from Remote Australia
Darwin, NT — Since 2008

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunyjatjara Lands (APY)

Mimili Maku

Situated at the base of the Everard Ranges in the APY Lands, the Mimili community is approximately 645 km south of Alice Springs. Mimili Maku is an Aboriginal owned and governed arts business.

An important songline for Anangu at Mimili is the Maku Tjukurpa (witchetty grub), which is the art centre’s namesake. As with much of the APY region, the work from Mimili Maku is diverse, representing a range of stories and styles. From the more tightly defined and colourful work of Tuppy Goodwin, to the loosely stippled dots and painterly lines of Milatjari Pumani. Daughter Ngupulya Pumani, is known for her celebrated ephemeral shimmer, also seen somewhat in younger sister Betty Pumani’s work, who more often uses a limited palette and bold spatial relationships.

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